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Waterproofing Pretoria

  We take care of all aspects of water proofing starting with detecting leakages in roofs, kitchen or bathroom to the total replacement of faulty waterproof membranes and installations. Our roofing experts provide services including roof repair and maintenance of tile, slate or flat roofs, replacing rotten timber and full roof construction with the protective waterproof membrane installation. We can cost effectively repair broken roofs, roof tiles, roof slate, flat roofs, balconies, concrete roof and pitched roofs without the hassle replacing the roof entirely and since our experts can detect problematic areas and possible leakages before it turns in to a bigger issue, we can save a lot of your time, effort and money as well. We also can easily restore your old, damage and unsightly looking roof without physically replacing it so that it may look brand new or newly replaced while keeping you safe from any sort of leakages. Apart from that, we provide roof maintenance services where we can arrange for maintenance contracts periodically to ensure your roof is up to spec and whilst were there, we can arrange for any small repairs that may be needed to ensure the ultimate longevity of your roofing structure. Call us now for any roof repairs, installations and maintenance needs on 012 004 1835 or visit us at  
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140 Nuffield St, Pretoria, South Africa, 0084
Added 2014/05/30
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